Rider Highlight – Meet Sheri C

As the old adage goes, “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

About a year ago, The Sweat Shoppe rider Sheri Clemente battled a health challenge that tested every part of her being.  A self-proclaimed health freak, Sheri always followed a strict plant-based diet, exercised several times a week and for many years had a successful career as a nutritional coach.

She knew something was very wrong and after too many years of being misdiagnosed, found herself with what is sadly mistaken as a third world country health “opportunity” in a first world country.  Western medicine doctors did not have the tools to properly diagnose or treat the illness so by a very fortunate “coincidence” she was introduced to an alternative doctor who quickly diagnosed and ultimately saved her life.

“It was probably the scariest time of my life.  I seemed to have no other choice than to trust that this person was going to help me get back to health while at the same time, try to maintain my mental state and a demanding career.”

Desperate to feel a sense of normalcy, Sheri managed to show up for work almost every day (even if she had to lay down on her office couch much of the time) and to continue going to The Sweat Shoppe as much as possible, even when she could barely keep her head up.  Most of her fellow riders had no idea what she was facing… the camaraderie of the group kept her motivated to push through during a time when it may have been easier to give up and isolate.  Getting herself back to health was a full-time job in itself.

Sheri has since fully recovered and continues to train at The Sweat Shoppe.  She is an advocate for heat training.  “In addition to being a far superior workout, the heat also assists the body in the detoxification process which is an integral part of maintaining optimal health.”

She also loves hiking at Fryman and Runyon Canyon.   “I love being in nature, it literally keeps me grounded.”

When Sheri isn’t in The Hot Room, you can find her managing a team of music editors on one of the big studio lots.  Post production can be very hectic, yet she finds the time to maintain her health and balance her life on a daily basis.

“I have always been very disciplined and it pays off in every area of my life…being around other people who have that same mindset keeps me motivated and inspired.   We are all in this together and together WE can do it all!”

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