Trainer Highlight – Meet Briana Venskus

Bri is an east coast transplant and self-described jack of all trades. She loves to make people laugh, she writes, she cooks, and sometimes “she pops up on TV,” where she makes a living by “playing pretend.”

But there’s nothing pretend about Bri’s commitment to fitness and working out. What motivates her is being able to wake up in the morning feeling healthy, strong, tight, and in control. Bri has been spinning at the Sweat Shoppe for almost 4 years and also does lots of strength training, HIT (High Intensity Training), circuit training—anything that helps build and tone muscles. Could working out be Bri’s hobby? (She also likes to visit antique shops.)

Despite her incredible commitment and self-discipline with regard to exercise, Bri says that her favorite thing about the Sweat Shoppe is “the people , duh!”

Bri’s guilty pleasures are cookie dough, mint ice cream, and massages. Really, though, aren’t those natural consequences of her workouts?

Who does Bri look up to? “Everyone who manages to make it happen in this crazy, crazy world. The older I get, the more respect I have for everyone who is just making their life happen.”

The next time you see Bri in the Shoppe, greet her with “Ohhhhh, Bri.” And, oh, you might want to ask her about being double jointed.

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