Trainer Highlight – Meet Naomi Priestley

Makeup artist, wife, mother, teacher, trainer, TV personality, and sustainable dining advocate. Can you keep up? To us, Naomi Priestley is a friend, leader, and motivator. We are proud to have her as a trainer at The Sweat Shoppe.

Naomi found a love for heated indoor cycling upon the urging of friend and fellow Shoppe rider Harvey Good. An athlete all her life, she found cycling at The Shoppe to be second nature. Shortly after her first class, she enrolled in The Sweat Shoppe teacher training program. Wanting to make sure her students were safe, Naomi took her training seriously and became a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and received her spinning® certification through Mad Dogg Athletics®.

For those who have trained with Naomi, they know what “pace, pace, pace” means—or at least, they should. In case you’re wondering, pace, pace, pace in Naomi’s class means you had better hurry up. She said she uses her popular tagline when class begins to get tough during a run, when it gets brutal.

If you pay close attention to the music in Naomi’s class, you can see that it’s structured to ensure that she hits all the key elements of an impactful Sweat Cycle.

It’s a numbers game for Naomi. She pays close attention to every song’s beats per minute and matches them seamlessly with a jog, climb, sprint, and in transitions to up-and-down movements. She pays close attention to the energy and flow of her classes and takes time to find the right music match for her choreography.

“I hear how many minutes people spend on their playlists. The longest it has taken me to complete a playlist is one whole day.”

With an insatiable appetite for living her best life, she invites and inspires others to do the same. Whether it’s through social media posts supporting her friends, pre-class chats, or a workout date, Naomi always finds time and ways to support her friends and family. When Naomi isn’t in the hot room, she has a full and productive schedule that complements her enthusiasm and joy for life.

“Being productive fulfills me. The more I do, the happier I am. I’m a full-time mom, and I work full time. I really enjoy life.”

When it comes to her children Ava and Dashiell, she uses the same discipline and structure she practices on a daily basis. To combat their tendencies to be easily swayed by their peers, she enrolled them in swimming, diving, and gymnastics. Through these sports, they have built a love for fitness and habits of productivity and taking care of their bodies.

“They can’t give up. The rule is: They cannot quit until they are 16.”

She said that she has always regretted bullying her mom into letting her quit piano lessons. Little did she know that this life experience would be the catalyst to teaching her children not give up on trying something new. Her philosophy (on raising children) is simple: She lives by setting intentions for her children and leading by example. She said that over time a pattern begins to present itself, and she finds herself regressing to her own childhood for direction on parenting.

“You can only do what’s best for you in your lifetime. I don’t do everything perfect, but I do what I can. I am very involved with my kiddies.”

By keeping them active, she hopes to teach them the importance of commitment, hard work, and dedication. Her wish for them is that they grow to love fitness, stay involved, not succumb to boredom, and take care of their bodies.

A graduate of The University of Nottingham, England, with a degree in Fine Arts and Paints, Naomi has always had a creative mindset. One way she is tapping into her creativity is through her career as a producer. Being proactive with the development of her two shows, “Meat vs. Vegan” and a green-screen travel show pilot, “Two Girls One Mic,” has allowed her to cultivate her competitive edge and her love for entertaining, cooking, and dining. With a grin that we all love and know very well, Naomi shared details of her projects in the works.

“In Meat vs. Vegan, we make the vegetarian or vegan version of meals—chicken tacos, stew, and shepherd’s pie—and ask people to guess which is vegan and which is not.”

Naomi said the mission of this project is to build awareness for food, people, and animals. All of the food featured on the show is available within a 100-mile radius.

“We can all cut down on animal intake one meal at a time and find healthy alternatives.”

With excitement, Naomi said they plan to save the world one meal at a time. By the sound of it, we believe they will! She and her team are doing their part to encourage farm-to-table living and to teach society another way of buying and consuming food.

Naomi’s green screen pilot is a play on local news to the tune of Tosh.0’s humor. A comedy set in New Orleans that includes facts and figures reflecting the trials and tribulations of dating. A statistician dissects the findings of what it’s really like to date as a reporter quizzes people on the streets to get the scoop.

Naomi admits that with her packed schedule she does have moments when she feels depleted and overwhelmed. When she isn’t training in The Hot Room with us, you can find her spending quality time with her family.

“My big refill is being at home, quiet with my children. Junk food, movies: We won’t even talk. They are little leeches. They dib, dab, and nay nay.”

When it comes to love and balancing her and her husband’s busy schedules, she said, “We steal weekends. We do what we do.”

Naomi finds inspiration in life and in The Hot Room in different ways. “Different people inspire you every day in an organic way. It can be a mom cleaning puke or beautiful people with their kindness and the things they do for other people.”

Her advice to someone trying a Sweat Cycle for the first time is simple: “Suck it up. Have fun. Take it at your own pace.”

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