Having spent the last 17 years as a gymnastics instructor, Alex Gastelum has been inadvertently prepping for the instructor's podium for a long time. Over those many years, Alex learned that the most effective instruction includes enthusiasm, empathy, respect, and, on occasion, an iron fist. With his high-energy shout-outs and next-level intentions, Alex has been known to get the whole room whooping and hollering! When you take his class, you'll hear a good mix of sounds, with an emphasis on old-school hip hop sprinkled with a Latin flavor. READ MORE


My classes are all about energy and taking it to the next level even at the crack of dawn. I love to see progress in others. The excitement, determination and will power inspires me to guide others on their journey. I like making a difference in someone's life and helping them build self-esteem and confidence.


"Slam it and werk her!"

What you'll hear in class