Rider Highlight - Meet Latosha L.

At the Shoppe, we believe the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle are balance and moderation. We recently checked in with Latosha Lovell, fellow Shoppe rider and 2015 summer challenger, who despite a busy career, makes healthy living a priority and manageable. 

It's easy to see by her graceful walk and warm smile that Latosha values peace and calm. Minutes after a Sweat Cycle, Latosha sat down with us. She had a smile from ear to ear, a cool, collected vibe, and a quiet confidence that oozed balance. 

As you may remember from our first sit-down interview with her, Latosha has her own product and interior design business. She said that for a long time she had no balance and realized she had to slow down and have other things going on besides work.

"As a business owner, I learned that talent speaks for itself. I needed to slow down and trust the process." 

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Latosha had wanted to be a journalist. She attended Clark Atlanta University and wrote for a few Atlanta newspapers, but she didn't pursue a career in journalism because it wasn't really something she was passionate about. 

"One day my dad asked me, 'What would you do if you could do it for free?' I told him, 'I want to be a designer and practice in a major market.' I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles." 

With no experience, Latosha interned for a designer. Two and a half years later, she started her own business. That was 13 years ago. 

"The designer whom I interned for taught me everything—the business aspect—and I learned as I went. Anything is possible if you are willing to put in the work and be committed." 

In May, Latosha was one of the 41 riders who accepted the Shoppe's summer challenge and pushed themselves to their limit. For one month, the Shoppe was the headquarters for friendly competition and camaraderie among our "Sweat Gangstas." Riders old and new found a safe haven for a common goal: to awaken and liberate their inner athlete. 

For Latosha, committing to the Shoppe's summer challenge was easy. Even though she was new to the Shoppe (only 3–4 weeks), she was on a mission. Wanting to finally reach her goal weight, she made heat training part of her routine. 

Taking classes at The Sweat Shoppe: "It's not the same type of sweat. I have been working out forever and never got the same results. I feel like I am healing my body." 

We are happy to report that Latosha not only reached her goal but—she happily shared with us—is maintaining and reaping the benefits of her hard work. She said that her current workout routine is serving her well, but even so she is stepping up her game to get stronger and more toned. 

An unexpected advantage of heat training she experienced was the alleviation of her allergy symptoms. She had been frustrated that conventional medicines were not working against her environmental allergies. She felt defeated. 

"Heat training expels toxins. I now have only minor allergy symptoms. It is an 80 percent clear difference." She also said that sweat cycles help her combat sinus headaches. 

As part of her regimen, Latosha tries to take 3–5 classes a week. The 14-mile commute from Pasadena isn't always ideal, but she loves the amenities the Shoppe has to offer. 

"The aesthetic, design, and style [of The Sweat Shoppe]: I love it. Since I drive so far, the showers are nice. After class, I can shower before my next meeting." A self-proclaimed "massage junkie," she is excited that the Shoppe offers massages and can't wait to treat herself. 

Latosha's career often takes her on the road to trade shows to learn about new trends and remain well versed on the best products to offer clients. One of her current projects is a new product line slated for 2016.

With a schedule like hers, maintaining a level of productive flow is essential. We asked her how she sets herself up for success. 


  • Always be very organized.

  • Always be prepared for a last-minute dinner party. 

  • Manage your time wisely.

  • Carve out "me" time.

  • Meditate every morning —without fail.

  • Reduce clutter—purge twice a year. Everything (other than formal wear) that hasn't been used for 6 months
    goes away. ("I'm big on traveling light when I'm at home.")

  • Create a place for yourself at home. Your home is a safe haven. It should represent you. You have no choice out in the
    world, but at home you do. "When I was growing up, home always felt so safe." You should be happy to get home. 

We asked Latosha to finish this sentence. "I feel prettiest when... I am taking care of myself, when I am treating myself well. As women nurturers, we tend to put ourselves second, but all of us are nicer, more patient, and kinder when we're balanced and making better life choices. When we're not balanced, we function out of survival mode and are just reacting."