Rider Highlight - Meet Dianne Q.

You’ve seen her image, and you’ve probably seen her getting her sweat on at the Shoppe, but have you ever wondered who the face—or shall we say body—of The Sweat Shoppe is?

If you haven’t already made the connection, it's Dianne Quirante, one of our very own Shoppe riders!

A Frankfort, Illinois, native, Dianne moved to Los Angeles five years ago to pursue a career in dance and modeling. 

We asked Dianne how she likes LA, and she said she is loving it. Even with her busy schedule, Dianne manages to find balance and to make time for the outdoors and exploring California. 

“It’s different, it’s more adventurous, a different vibe. I had a window (of time to move to LA), and I took it.”

Back home, Dianne worked as a production assistant on t“The Jerry Springer Show” and “The Steve Wilkos Show.” 

“The shows were moving to Connecticut, and I didn’t want to move, so I took off three months from work. My Mom pushed me to find a job, so I started working retail at Gilly Hicks (Abercrombie & Fitch lingerie brand). After working there for a year, I asked for a transfer to LA.”

Dianne said that moving to LA was always something she had talked about. Having always been involved in dance workshops and conventions, her ties to the dance community were strong. When she moved out here and become an Angeleno, she had a nice starting-off point when she was booked on TV and dance gigs. Nowadays, Dianne is a publicist.

“My work life is fun.”  

Dianne loves what she does, and that is evident in her energy. 

“I wake up and pack for work if I have a meeting or an event. After work, I either go to the gym, yoga, spin, or dance class. I like to check out different studios and workouts. Somewhere in between, I try to eat,” she said with a smile on her face. 

When she is out and about for business, she is usually on the west side. Dianne tells us that even though she loves checking out new hot spots and restaurants, she also likes taking a break from the Hollywood scene and enjoys offbeat adventures. 

“I went to the Strawberry Festival the other weekend,” she laughed. 

Athleticism and being in shape have always been priorities for her. Dianne was a competitive figure skater until the age of 22. Though she no longer skates competitively, training is still a big part of who she is. A self-proclaimed foodie, she practices moderation and has learned from her life of training that nutrition and performance go hand in hand. Dianne said her Mom (who is a nurse) also served as her personal nutritionist.

“When I was figure skating, my coaches and trainers taught me how to eat better.”

Her advice for anyone looking to build a fitness routine is simple: “Get up and go! Try one thing a day, whether it's 10, 20, 30 minutes. Try something different, and if that doesn’t work, try something else. Don’t focus on your weight—just go out and do something you like. Be yourself, have fun. Develop skill and proper form, and take things slow—one step at a time.” 

One on One with Dianne Quirante

TSS: When do you sleep?

DQ: I'm in bed mostly by midnight. I catch up on my shows.

TSS: What are your favorite shows?

DQ: “Quantico,” “Empire,” “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” “The Blacklist,” “Madmen,” “Breaking Bad,” “House of Cards,” “Narcos”—to name a few. (She also makes it a point to catch up on the news.)

It’s evident that Dianne knows how to unwind. Then we asked her a few of our favorite questions: 

TSS: What is your "Why"? Why do you workout?

DQ: I like to feel like I can breathe, to de-stress. I like to feel active and know I can still hold my game like I could when I was 5–10 years old. I want to maintain my stamina and flexibility. I don’t want to feel inadequate. I want to feel young and active. 

TSS: What are your guilty pleasures?

DQ: Sweets! Desserts! Ice cream! I love ice cream but have to be careful and treat myself only once in a while, because I’m lactose sensitive. I love pastries, cookies, and brownies, but I watch what I eat and make sure to eat smart ingredients. 

TSS: Finish this sentence: I feel prettiest when ...

DQ: When I'm relaxed and excited about what's to come. When I'm feeling confident about everything, and when I'm around good people. Also, the feeling after sweating is very rewarding. 

TSS: Do you have down days? If so, what do you do to combat them?

DQ: Yes, I do have down days. On days when I am super tired and exhausted from the week, I push myself to go out and get a workout in. I want to feel accomplished or do something good for myself. It’s not hard to push myself, because it's now a routine for me.