Rider Highlight - Suzanne Wilson Couture Jewelry Collection Now At The Shoppe

The next time you prepare to clip in for class you just might want to layer and stack your jewelry. Suzanne Wilson Designs has a workout friendly collection at The Sweat Shoppe that will make your eyes wide, your heart pump and your neck and wrist bling.

Lockstep with the trend of layering and stacking, the SWD collection at the Shoppe marries fashion with the zen lifestyle and vibe of our heated indoor cycling culture.
All pieces are handmade and designed to layer and stack.

Fashion does not have to stop while you are on the bike, feel your best when you are in The Hot Room. The versatile pieces range from leather cord, beaded chains, images of peace and tranquility.

SWD designer Suzanne Wilson collaborated with Shoppe owner Mimi Benz to tell a story through jewelry. An avid rider at the Shoppe, Suzanne created pieces with The Sweat Shoppe rider in mind, the accomplished, strong, confident, hot.

“I curated a collection based on feeling you get after you ride and captured what she (Mimi) has brought to the Shoppe.”

Suzanne who wears jewelry while she trains in The Hot Room challenges riders to rid themselves of the taboo that jewelry doesn’t have a place in their workout. Remember, the next time you clip in, #PeaceLoveBling.