5 tips to burn more calories in class

1. Turn up the heat
Riding in a heated room torches calories: up to 1,000 calories in 55 mins.

2. Crank the resistance
Using the weight of the flywheel properly will intensify your workout by working your muscle groups harder. The more they work, the more you burn. Don't freewheel: That's faking it.

3. Hydrate
Dehydration will leave you feeing sluggish and burnt out and will kill your performance. Prepare for class by pre-hydrating so that you can go full tilt during class. The harder you work during your ride, the more calories you will burn.

4. Ride to the beat
Get into the rhythm of the music during your ride. If you stay on pace, your body will burn major calories. Let the music motivate you and keep you focused.

5. Use your neighbor
Keep your energy up and stay inspired by feeding off the energy of your neighbors during class. A group class is a community effort. If the room is in sync and feeding off the group energy in the room, the workout can be that much better and HARDER

Vincenzo Carrano

Vincenzo Carrano, Los Angeles, US