Meet Summer Challenger, Lauren Canning

When Lauren Canning isn’t at The Sweat Shoppe training she is in paramedic school building her career as a firefighter and teaching Emergency Medical Response class to high school students.

Despite her hectic schedule Canning signed up for the summer challenge and her competitive edge is what is getting her through. She knows there are 72 spots on the board and she intends to take 72 classes in 30 days.

“My schedule is insane, when I see other people with more classes on the board it makes me mad and want to take more.”

Canning attributes passing the firefighter physical fitness test to her
training at The Sweat Shoppe. All the training she was doing as an avid
CrossFitter wasn’t getting her through the test, once she incorporated heat training at the Shoppe she passed.

Surprisingly she found her first class at the Shoppe to be easy and the
second one is what challenged her. It was tough because it was hot and
uncomfortable and she made it a goal to simply “figure it out”.

“I took Sandra’s class and got quick results, better than crossfit.”

She said her biggest failures have been her biggest accomplishments and the pain of the past has given her the strength to push through. In her life and in her pursuit of a career as a firefighter nothing has come to
her the first time around so she changed her mentality and allowed herself to be open in every aspect of life.

“Things aren’t going to come easy thats not life. What I want to do, what
I want to be, if it came easy I wouldn’t appreciate it.”

Fitness has changed many things for her it has become her therapy and she is reaping the rewards of her hard work with better workouts, eating better, sleeping better and a clear mind.

Continuing on her journey to become a firefighter she plans on joining a
department academy which will consist of 6 months of bootcamp.

As a complement to her active lifestyle Canning has incorporated Yin yoga to her schedule and is an advocate for cross training.

Favorite things about the Shoppe: Camaraderie and community
Tip for new riders: Hang on for the ride of your life now you’re stuck,
good luck having another great workout elsewhere, running doesn’t do what spin does.