Meet Summer Challenger, Juliet DiFranco

One to watch during the summer challenge is Juliet DiFranco, not one for working out regularly, Juliet has set her personal intention and is determined to reach her goal all while making it look easy.

“I lucked out in finding The Sweat Shoppe. Doing spin while listening to cool music and burning a ton of calories has me hooked.”

At first Juliet took on this challenge to take advantage of taking more classes in a month than usual and of course to try and win. Things changed. Juliet found herself re-thinking her intention more than once and the challenge transformed into a personal goal for herself. Early into her 30 day commitment Juliet realized she got something out of it she never expected, she met a lot of new people and was making friends, to Juliet, that was her win.

By talking with Juliet it is difficult to worry about anything really, her cool and calm demeanor is contagious.
What inspires her is simple, authenticity, kindness and love. In asking what she does for a living she had a lighthearted response. “I tell people I get paid to watch movies all day. (Juliet is an Assistant Editor for movies) I’m also a life coach.”
Taking everything in stride Juliet has redefined winning.

Q&A with Juliet

SS:  How long have you been spinning at the Sweat Shoppe?
JD:  6 months.

SS:  What is your favorite thing about the Sweat Shoppe?
JD: When the song is right and I close my eyes and feel transported into
another place.

SS:  When you’re not spinning what could we find you doing?
JD: Working or sleeping.  I wish I had a better answer for this!

SS:  Tell us something about yourself that people may not know.
JD:  I can solve a Rubik's Cube in 3-1/2 minutes. For reals.

SS:  What are your guilty pleasures?
JD:  I admit I watch the Kardashians.

SS:  Sweet treats?
JD:  Donut, anyone?

SS:  Treat yourself?
JD:  I bought myself sunflowers the other day just because.
SS:  What are your hobbies?
JD:  Spin.

SS:  Have you set any goals for this challenge?
JD:  Yes.  And, I'm going to hit my goal.

SS:  How would your friends describe you?
JD:  As a nut with a heart of gold.

SS:  Who do you look up to?
JD:  My spiritual teachers.