Meet Summer Challenger - Xochi Blymyer

We sat down with Xochi Blymyer before and after her class, which marks number 23 for her summer challenge, one thing is apparent, she has a lot of fans.

Her energy is contagious and during our Q&A with Xochi a few other happy faces made cameo appearances, teacher Melissa Lau and a few other fellow challengers, she was all smiles.

Two things that have been getting her through the challenge is the motivation and peer pressure, good peer pressure, from her new friends.

“The challenge has made me come to class and I’ve made less excuses. I like being part of a team and I like to play games. I’m not going to win but I like to play.”

Xochi’s inspiration in life, for the challenge and being happy, are
positive people. With a smile on her face, Xochi fondly remembered something her mom would always tell her.

“My mom would always say everybody is already happy. It’s like an onion, you have to peel away the layers to get to the happiness. Everyone has to find what makes them happy. She would always say act or feel like you already have what you want.”

With positive words of affirmation from her mom, Xochi has lived her life with a positive outlook. Her tip for the other summer challengers is to meet the competition.

“They will inspire you more than you thought you could be pushed.

When asked what advice she would give her 1-week challenge self, she said do more doubles. She would have liked to push herself to do more than the minimum.

Xochi has never done a challenge like this before and having the availability and the Shoppe's sense of community is what made her sign up.

“Everyone smiles when you walk in. You get high fives. No exercise is fun so it’s great, the people make me want to come back.

Q & A with Xochi

SS: What do you do when you're not at the Shoppe?
XB: Gardening, traveling, making movies (Xochi is an Assistant Director), I'm currently working on a documentary, probably working on my next big screenplay! :)

SS: Tell us something about yourself people may not know.
XB: I started a line of inspirational t-shirts. "XB's Inspirational Tees".

SS: Guilty pleasures?
XB: Chocolate and massages, binge watching Netflix shows.

SS: Got any tips for the other challengers?
XB: Meet the other challengers they will inspire you and push you more than you thought you could be pushed.