Summer Challenge Instructor Tips - Jessica Katz

Sweat Shoppe Instructor Tips - Jessica Katz

1) How do you replenish after class?

Drink water BEFORE class (I rarely drink during the class). keep drinking water all day.  People think if they drink right after that's enough but it can hit hard (especially for beginners) later afternoon.  Hydrate all day.

2) Favorite Post Ride Beverage?
I almost always have a coconut water after class AND water.

3) Favorite Post Ride Meal or Snack?
I eat some type of protein maybe 30 min after. Small meals. I remember when I first started spinning I was starving all day after taking a class.  Eat small healthy meals.  Don't gorge just because you're hungry

4) Tips on how to go from Sweaty to Fab the quickestIn terms of sweat after class: the more you spin the more your body adjusts to the sweat/wet clothes etc. It doesn't bother you as much or become such a big deal.  If you have time to sit after class before jumping in your car/getting dressed that helps.  But everyone is different. I always bring a bigger towel from home and that usually does the job before getting dressed. I think using a cleansing type pad for your face, neck helps just take the layer of sweat off if you can't get home to shower.

5) Stretching Tips
I try and do hip opening stretches before each class.