Rider Highlight - Meet Suzanne Wilson, Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire

When work and life come together to form the lifestyle you've always
imagined sometimes it's presented to you in the least likely of ways.
Suzanne Wilson designer, owner and creative wind behind Suzanne Wilson Couture Jewelry is a mother first and a jeweler second.

With a natural knack for design Suzanne's business grows from word of
mouth and she wouldn't have it any other way. With one on ones with her clients Suzanne gets personal with their taste and personality to create jewelry that hits their aesthetic desires and tugs at their heartstrings. “As a jewelry designer I basically create one of a kind pieces and sometimes replicate or re-work jewelry clients have inherited." 

Years ago as a new mother Suzanne worked in the skincare and makeup industry, yet harbored frustrations on the creative level. She always had a passion for jewelry; her first venture was a pair of earrings she designed with someone her father introduced her to. From there she made pins, cameos and started to design frames around antique pieces. Suzanne started designing with various elements and one of her most recent lines was born from working with mother of pearl and Buddhas.

Her business began to get attention shortly after she started designing
and people would notice the distinctive pieces. As a new mother when her business was growing she knew being there for her daughter and eventually daughters (she is the mother of two) was key.
“I didn’t want to compromise my time in their formative years, I wanted to be there for them, the trade off was definitely worth it. “

The tagline for Suzanne's brand is edgy, jewelry for people with
discriminating taste. Her design consultations are by appointment only and her clientele enjoys custom pieces in which they too can take part in the creative process.
Suzanne who said her business has been getting recognition the last few
years by word of mouth said she doesn’t know if it equals sales but the
time she gets to spend with clients is an added plus for her. She takes
the time to listen to her clients and works with them to find the best
design to their liking. “I have an interesting approach to jewelry. Together we can figure something out; I work with price points, style, coloring and even the energy of a stone.” She describes her pieces as unique, new school with an old school effect and even has corded necklaces that are spin class friendly.

Suzanne Wilson Couture Jewelry