Meet Summer Challenger, Red Riley


 Red Riley is no stranger to cardio and she knows to get results finding the right workout is essential to reaching her fitness goals.

“I love it (The Sweat Shoppe) it is great cardio, people, music and instructors. I hate running and the treadmill, nothing else has worked for me. I would run and not get results, I would spin and see instant results.”

She said the beat of the music and positive vibes is vital for her spin training. Riley can be on her 5th class in a row and find a burst of energy from music and staying hydrated.

Riley’s disciplined and determined mindset comes from growing up with three athletic brothers and her dad who was a coach. She made the decision to get fit when she realized that her unhealthy lifestyle was only hurting herself.

For Riley the challenge is all about the goal and the challenge is her motivation.

“Achieving my weight loss goal will be a victory because I’ve never been there before.”

When she isn’t taking classes back to back Riley is hanging out with friends, fostering her love for great music and working as a hair and makeup artist.

Riley’s advice for anyone new to spin is to take it slow, embrace it and go at your own pace.