Meet Summer Challenger, Latosha Lovell

A murder mystery loving interior design firm owner and contender for the summer challenge Latosha Lovell shares what inspires and motivates her to maintain health and wellness.

“I’m happiest and most productive when I’m treating myself well. Working out and eating healthy are high priorities in staying centered, focused and maintaining a healthy life.”

It is never too late to start working towards a goal, Latosha describes her physical activity for the last 6 months as lackluster and the summer challenge was the perfect opportunity to get back on track. Since taking on the challenge Latosha has enjoyed a boost in confidence and has been reminded of the power of discipline and determination.  She has also lost 3 of the 5 pounds she set out to lose in 30 days.

Latosha said she is at her best mentally and emotionally when she sticks to a consistent workout schedule and healthy diet. Maintaining balance and focus is what motivates her to stay the course. With balance also comes the discipline of indulging guilty pleasures in moderation, two of Latosha’s are wine and cheese.
When asked what inspires her Latosha said smart and creative people who live their lives with passion and purpose. This has served her well throughout her challenge journey as she loves being in a space with like minded individuals.

“I’ve been inspired by the challenge to be among an amazing group of determined riders who are working so hard toward their personal challenge goals. I love the “take no prisoners” attitude. The unexpected bonus is the mental strength and clarity I’ve gained…I’ve met some pretty awesome riders in the process!”

Latosha has been spinning at The Sweat Shoppe for 7 weeks and she said a few of her favorite things are the infectious positive energy and sense of community. Aside from heat training at the Shoppe she does light weight conditioning and uses the elliptical.

Life is pretty busy for Latosha but when she’s not spinning she can be found dining with friends or at the beach. She loves murder mysteries with “48 Hours” and “Forensic Files” being two of her favorites.   Latosha is sorry that she isn’t sorry for being a spa junkie and would choose a massage over shopping with the girls any day!