Summer Challenge Instructor Tips - Stacy Conner

Sweat Shoppe Instructor Tips - Stacy Conner

1) How do you replenish after class?
Water, food, relax

2) Favorite beverage to drink post ride
Water, water, water!!! If you need some flavor, coconut water, Ultima electrolyte powered, or EmergenC.

3) Favorite post ride refuel (meal or snack)
ThinkThin bar, Chipotle bowl (no sour cream or guacamole!), peanut butter sandwich on sprouted grain bread.

4) Tips on pre and post ride fueling
I stop eating at least 30 minutes before riding. Nothing too big at least an hour before. If it's early morning, something small like a banana or half a peanut butter sandwich.
After riding, it's best to eat at least a snack within 30 min of your ride to keep your metabolism up.  Some complex carbs and protein.

5) Tips on how to go from sweaty to fab the quickest
I always bring a change of clothes with me.  Best to get out of those soggy clothes right away!  I keep a small bag with acne medicine and moisturizer with SPF in my workout bag, so after a ride I wash my face with water only and then make sure I put on both.  Then I take my hair down and stick my head under the hand dryers to dry my hair out a bit.  As long as it's not too cold or hot, I'll drive home with the windows (and my hair) down to help it dry out.  Once it's dry, I use a dry shampoo to freshen it up.  I love DryBar's Detox Dry Shampoo.

6) Stretching tips
Try to stay for the stretch at the end of class. It helps to build strength and prevent injury.  Make sure you take time to stretch your hip flexors, since riding can make them very tight.  A Figure 4 stretch lying down is one of the best.