Rider Highlight - Meet Shiller Erilus

Goals. Training.

Marathon runners are impressive in their own right, clearing 26.2 miles is
no easy feat and to do it more than once, is epic. With full and half
marathons such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Madrid and Las Vegas under his belt there is no end in sight for Shiller Erilus's running goals.

As he ramps up for his next half marathon in Los Angeles, we sat down with him to get the scoop on what drives him to run.

"I actually got into running because of a young lady," Shiller laughs. "In the process of getting to know each other, we ended up building a bond through running.  She is marathon runner and I in turn fell in love with
running as well."

What happened with Shiller and this mystery woman? We'll get back to that a little later ;).

Always having been an athlete he is no stranger to disciplined workouts.
Shiller played basketball in college and continued to play after he
graduated to stay in shape but he felt like he needed something else. In
tandem with marathon training and running Shiller incorporated heated
indoor cycling into his regimen.

While at the Shoppe it's easy to find him sweating in either Naomi or Rafael's class.  

Try something new.

While we can all use a little nudge sometimes and its especially easier to try something new with the help of a good friend. With the influence of his friend and fellow student at the shoppe Chico Bennimon, not only did Shiller Erilus find a new complement to his marathon training he found a new passion and is one of The Sweat Shoppe's new riders to get to know.

Use your friends.

When it comes to indoor heated cycling its no holds barred we always
encourage our students to go the extra mile and find the fight within them or to use the energy and momentum of fellow cyclers. Shiller has been training at the shoppe ever since Chico introduced him to heated indoor cycling.  

Bringing it all together.
Remember how we said Chico influenced him to check out the shoppe?
Well, they knew each other for quite a while, lived in the same complex and saw each other in passing
frequently yet never formally met until someone introduced them at a
party. And that girl who got him into running? Well, they dated for a
while and it didn't work out but he's stuck with running ever since!

By day the athlete we know at The Sweat Shoppe is an assistant controller who is originally from Haiti and raised in Boston. As one of his personal endeavors Shiller has given back to his country ever since the earthquake in Haiti. Every year since 2010 shiller has returned to pay for the medical expenses for some of the earthquake victims while also providing school supplies to charters school in his hometown of Port Au Prince, Shiller is always thinking of how he can help.

Shiller doesn't do social media but you'll see him around at the shoppe as he prepares for his upcoming races, the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon LA in October and Full Marathon in Las Vegas this November.


"Applying heated cycling to my training regimen has made a world of difference to the tune of improving my marathon time by more than 25 minutes."

Before training at the shoppe, his personal record for a full marathon was approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes.  

"While incorporating heated cycling for 30 consecutives days, I was able to finish my last full marathon in 3 hours and 13 minutes."