Rider Highlight - Meet Amy Greenberg

Busy event planner, workout enthusiast, and avid indoor cyclist, Amy Greenberg knows that taking care of herself is a non-negotiable priority. Through her desire to do better and be better, she has made strides in maintaining the healthy lifestyle she always dreamed of.

Amy's fitness journey has been one of growth, passion, and dedication. Amy sat down with us and shared her story to wellness success.

Growing up, Amy was not fitness savvy and tried to get out of P.E. (physical education) class whenever she could. Fitness was not a priority in her family, and through the years Amy struggled with her weight. But then, with her family's help, she was able to envision her weight-loss goals and take control of her routine.

On her 18th birthday, Amy partnered up with her cousin and joined Weight Watchers. She said it was tough, but she also knew it was time to make a change. "I just didn't want to be that way anymore."

Over the course of three years, Amy lost about 80 pounds. At her uncle's urging, she added exercise to her life and then got the fitness results she wanted.

Originally from England, Amy was a student at University of Birmingham when she decided to study abroad (American Studies) at University of California, Berkeley. Amy was blown away by the gravitas of group fitness classes on campus, and they quickly became the perfect complement to her daily routine. At Berkeley, she cultivated her love for step class and stepography. She was enamored by the beautiful gyms and loved that classes were available throughout the day. When her program at UC Berkeley ended, she moved back to England. And she took her enthusiasm for step class back with her.

It wasn't long until Amy found her way back to California, where she currently resides,  but the healthy lifestyle she once maintained soon became a fleeting memory.

She had no clear-cut goals and was going through a stressful time due to an illness in her family. The result: a toll on her life balance and health. Emotional eating didn't help, the weight stayed on, and Amy became frustrated. Then, two and a half years ago, she decided to make a change. She took matters into her own hands and set herself up for success. Amy signed up for boot camp and has been a dedicated student ever since. When she's not at the Shoppe getting her cycle on you can find her bright-and-early cross-training in Boot Camp. Consistent and persistent, Amy is an inspirational rider.

Building her boot-camp routine was not easy.

"I called and asked questions and signed up for three classes. I didn't go to the first or the second, but I went to the third and loved it." After a few weeks, Amy had successfully built her routine and has been hooked ever since.

Nowadays Amy has a better relationship with her diet and uses food as fuel.

"I know I can still enjoy my food while putting the right things in my body." Amy now takes pride in being able to identify the right food to meet her weight goals and sustain her energy. She is strict with her meal preparation (carb cycling meal prep) and currently is doing a modified version.

One of our favorite takeaways from Amy's fitness journey is that it led her to meet The Sweat Shoppe trainer Scott Brickner.

Some days we would take double floor classes. We both love leg day. We started coordinating our classes and schedules, and then I found out he was a spin instructor."

At the time, Amy was going through a transitional phase and changing careers from middle-school teacher to event planner (Amy Greenberg Events). 

"The flexibility of my schedule made me more dependent on fitness and boot camp. It filled a void. At first I hated spin." After putting off class again and again, Amy finally decided to make it her "Thursday thing"—and that eventually meant taking every class Scott that teaches.

Laughing, and with a grin from ear to ear, Amy said she loves the connection she has with her instructors, regardless of which fitness class she is taking.

One-on-one with Amy Greenberg

Life as an event planner

My days are packed. I'm constantly researching venues, trends, parties, various corporate spheres, networking at events, and coordinating events.

Hobbies & Free Time

Working out is my hobby. I also love baking and visiting friends with their babies. I bake for my husband's law firm once a month. There was a "National Nutella Day" blurb in his office e-mail in tandem with the baked goods I made.


I am so much more confident. I'm not even at my thinnest, and I like who I am. I'm more confident than ever. Fitness helped me de-stress and work out my anxieties.

Workout advice

Nobody stops being able to keep pace. Run hard, lift heavy. It takes time, but everyone is in your corner. Nobody is judging you. It's liberating to realize that. It's wonderful to meet people who want you to help you achieve your goals. If you miss a class, go to the next one. Tell someone you're scared and make a friend.