A life-certified thrill seeker, Melissa K. believes the bigger the challenge the better! Be careful when you take her class, because her contagious energy may infect you until you suddenly find yourself pouring your heart out on the bike to match her—pedal stroke for pedal stroke. Her music runs the spectrum—dance, pop, electronic, hip/hop, alternative/roc—-with bass-heavy beats you can glue to your feet! On any given day, you may hear David Guetta, Drake, Zedd, Rihanna, or Disclosure. READ MORE


Motivational core cycling. Concentrating improving form, using your core, creating lean muscles. Lots of movement on the bike, but all supported by the appropriate amount of weight.


"Sometimes getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they love the taste of air."

What you'll hear in class